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McBratney Magic performing at a wedding at Burythorpe House

I think something magical is about to happen!

Weddings are magical events, and a professional magician can fit well into the special day’s celebrations.

Performing close-up magic after the ceremony, while the photos are being taken, is a great way to bring your wedding guests together. It can also be fun to have close-up magic performed around the tables during the wedding breakfast.

McBratney Magic can provide a package that includes not only close-up magic for adults but also children’s entertainment through our friends at www.bobs-your-uncle.co.uk.

Before the wedding day itself, there are often Stag and Hen nights where, again, we can bring a special touch to the occasion.

At McBratney Magic, we have created some lasting memories at weddings, and we can do the same for yours.

Close up table magic during the wedding breakfast

Wedding Magic during the Wedding Breakfast