Our Solutions


McBratney Magic can work wonders for your image, helping to raise your profile, expand your customer base and promote your goods and services.

Where possible, we will personalise the magic, making it relevant to your company and products. This has so often proved to be a successful, non-aggressive way to get your corporate message across.

At McBratney Magic, we have helped businesses at, or during:

  • Pre-dinner drinks
  • Dinners
  • Parties
  • Balls
  • Seminars
  • Team-building Events
  • Product Launches
  • Exhibitions and Trade Shows
  • Corporate Events.

The magic itself can also be performed before and after speeches, and in the following ways:

  • close-up magic
  • mix ‘n’ mingle
  • table to table
  • stage shows
  • mind-reading
  • magic workshops
  • in speeches and lectures